Let's Get Paid solves these problems:

Generating invoices via plain old Word or PDF documents?
Too much time invoicing and not enough time working?
Payments taking too long to reach you?
Forever chasing invoice payments?
Cash flow could be better?

A better way of invoicing

Let's Get Paid creates professional invoices, featuring your business logo and branding, and sends them to your customers via email.

You can take payments via debit or credit card within your invoices and have the money in the bank within 30 minutes.

Let's Get Paid automatically chases up late payments without you doing a thing. Send personalised reminders to your customers to jog their memory and get paid promptly. On average, our customers get paid 8 days faster.

A better way of invoicing

Fast and simple

Creating a new invoice takes less than 30 seconds and only involves selecting a customer, adding an invoice line and reviewing before sending.

Once it's sent, Let's Get Paid shows you when your invoice is opened, viewed and paid.

You can also see at a glance how much you're owed, when your invoices are due and how much you've earned recently.

At your fingertips

Crystal clear

It's crucial to know exactly how much you're owed - and what you've been paid.

Let's Get Paid displays everything you've earned in a simple and easy format. You can break it down by amounts, payment times or customer.

At your fingertips

Trusted and reliable

Businesses of all shapes and sizes rely on Let's Get Paid to underpin their invoicing. We don't rely on fancy settings and make it a mission to use Let's Get Paid - instead we simply focus on doing invoicing correctly and making life easier for our customers.

We're based in the UK, just like the businesses we power, and we're here to help you.

Tom Barnett - Quote

Let's Get Paid has certainly made our invoicing process more cost and time effective. The service is fantastic and the support is always there should we have any issues. Our clients often feedback that the invoicing process is seamless.


What every Let's Get Paid account comes with

Unlimited customers and invoices

Send professional invoices with your company logo on

Accept debit and credit card payments in invoices

Automatically chase up late payments

Nothing to install - works on all devices

Bulletproof security and backups

Clear invoice reports - ideal for your accountant

Fast UK-based support and assistance

Simple, effective pricing

Let's Get Paid is £15 per month for absolutely everything.

You get:

30 day free trial
Unlimited customers
Unlimited invoices and payments
Logins for as many of your team as needed
Fast UK-based support
Every feature within Let's Get Paid - and all new features

Refer - and save up to £25 per month

For every contact you refer to Let's Get Paid, we'll credit your account with £5 per month for 12 months.

It's a simple and effective way to make Let's Get Paid work even better for you - and your contacts will likely thank you too!

Get started

Common questions

How much is Let's Get Paid?

You pay £15 per month for every single feature of Let's Get Paid. No hidden costs, no upgrades, no funny business. If you choose to take card payments (via our processor Square) then such payments carry their own charge of 2.5% per transaction (eg: Charge a customer £100 and you'll receive £97.50 to your bank account) - paid directly to Square. Taking card payments is completely optional.

Am I charged after my free trial?

No. We don't ask for any payment details upfront. Instead, use Let's Get Paid free of charge without any obligations whatsoever for 30 days. Then, if you want to sign up, we'll ask you for your payment details. If you don't, cancel your account with a single click - no questions asked.

How long is my contract?

We don't offer contracts of any length. You simply pay £15 for each month you wish to use Let's Get Paid. If you want to cancel at any time, it takes one single click and you can carry on using Let's Get Paid until the end of your paid month. No arguing, no questions - and your data is yours to take away.

What sofware do I need to install?

None. Let's Get Paid works on any computer or device with an internet browser. There's nothing to install, nothing to run past an IT department and you don't have to worry about any hosting or security. It's all on us.